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AlgoX for NT8 or MotiveWave – $795
Proprietary algorithmic trading interface for professional risk management and algo trading functionality with the OFA toolset. Maximize account growth with professional risk sizing based on OFA data points and chart variables.
Trade with intricate single-click algorithms
No coding required
Execution, Take Profit and Management Algos
Attach orders to OFA Variables
Video Intro to AlgoX
Video Features Overview

Advanced Profile Add-On for NT8 – $495
Expand the volume profile tools of OFA with new indicators and historical evolving lines:
DWAP Indicator (Differential Cluster Weighted Average Price)
TWAP POC Indicator (Time Weighted Average Price from POC)
TWAP Close Indicator (Time Weighted Average Price from Close)
CWAP/VWAP Difference Indicator (Inverted CWAP behind VWAP)
Evolving Standard Deviation Lines
Evolving Value Area Lines
Evolving Value Area Median Lines
Evolving Cluster Area Lines
Evolving VPOC Line
Evolving Midline/50% Line
AlgoX Integration
Video Intro to Advanced Profile Add-On

Delta Add-On for NT8 – $495
Enhance the context and clarity of your trade decisions with a set of user adjustable Bid/Ask volume analysis tools and Delta tools. Pinpoint two types of imbalance with menu controls to dynamically change the volume filter size and adjust the graphical markers style, color & size.
Additional elements enabled with this Add-On:
Cumulative Delta Indicator – 2 display modes
Delta Histogram on Price Chart
Profile Fib Levels
Dynamic Horizontal Bid/Ask Volume Analysis
Dynamic Diagonal Difference Volume Analysis
Dynamic Diagonal Bid/Ask RATIO Analysis
Unfinished Auction Markers
Dynamic Single Print Exhaustion Markers
Profile Statistics Volume, Delta, Ticks
CWAP to VWAP Risk Measure
Video Intro to Delta Add-On

OFA is a Certified Partner with SharkIndicators & now compatible with BloodHound for NT8

OFA BloodHound Add-On for NT8 – $695 (or $790 Bundled with Profile Add-On)
With this add-on, OFA NT8 is now compatible with SharkIndicators BloodHound product. Build signal systems and iterate your logic rules and templates with OFA data utilizing the powerful and intuitive BloodHound graphical interface. This add-on also includes all of the Bar Strategy Add-On components (no need to buy both).
Watch the OFA BloodHound Intro Video
See the PDF documentation for details

Bar Strategy Add-On for NT8 – $595 (or $690 Bundled with Profile Add-On)
Harness and access the proprietary OFA Bar Data to develop your own Indicators / Strategies / Market Analyzer columns and Alerts. A framework of 6 samples has been provided to get you started and up to speed. One of these samples is a bonus functional indicator that highlights on the chart, key volume transitions/pivots using a Bar Classification and Cluster/POC pattern.

Profile Strategy Add-On for NT8 – $395 (or $690 Bundled with Bar Add-On)
Provides dynamic access to all the profile elements of the current Active Volume Profile on the OFA chart.
For example, use the CWAP / VWAP / Value Area High/Low profile values in your strategies & indicators. Advanced Profile users also have access to the 6 additional profile elements eg DWAP / Evolving 50 Line / CWAPVWAPDiff.
Watch the Bar/Profile Data Access Intro Video
See the PDF documentation for details

Risk Reward Add-On for NT8 – $495
Master your trading edge with visual risk-sizing for OFA Profile trades:
Entry/Stop/Risk Pre-Trade Analysis
Dynamic calculation of configurable risk reward lines
User selected annotations showing price/ticks/ratio combinations
Up to 9 risk reward ratios dynamically adjusted on the fly
Dynamically adjusting feedback as market price moves
Attach ATM orders to Risk Reward lines
Attach stop to the Risk profile stop element
Work with live and historical profiles
Offsets from Entry and Stop for precision accuracy of risk
Helps planning and building for AlgoX
Video Intro to Risk Reward Add-On
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